Program Notes

For concerts and live-to-film performances

There Will Be Blood

“It is left to Jonny Greenwood’s score to set the mood for this tale of unbridled ambition in the oil fields of early 20th-century California.”

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“With the 1961 film, composer Henry Mancini ushered in a fresh and contemporary urban sound. Where past film scores had a tendency to evoke New York with cliches derived from Gershwin, Mancini captured the jostling, striving modern city in cool jazz pop.”

A Broadway Romance

“The highs, lows, dips, and turns experienced by one couple riding the roller coaster of romance, their thoughts and feelings conveyed through words and music.”

Mary Chapin Carpenter in Concert 

“Working with an arranger to reset songs that reflect the sum of her experiences over more than 20 years, and then performing the results live in front of an orchestra — when she’s used to taking the stage with her guitar and a small band — opened a whole new world for Carpenter.”