Arts and Architecture

  • KANSAS CITY’S NEW STAR: The architecturally stunning Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts debuts
  • THE NEW TIMES SQUARE:  A place even New Yorkers can love
  • THE BIG IOU WEDDING ALBUM: An artist’s statement attracts young lovers
  • BRIDGING THE GAP: What’s a Citizen Musician? Where can you see a Wallcast? When was the Mankato Massacre?
  • IMPACT STATEMENTS: Performing arts centers can energize entire cities, but expectations for them are changing
  • BIG-SCREEN DREAMS: Opera at the movie house proves a hot ticket
  • HOW BRILLIANT: The sound of new concert halls reflects contemporary life (Winner, ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for Excellence in Music Journalism)
  • LET THERE BE LIGHT: Transparency in hall designs and operations mirrors a new, open approach to community engagement
  • FULL SAIL: Behind the launch of Disney Hall, L.A.’s new icon